Powered by AI!

Empower your sales with AHA CRM's advanced AI-driven tool, providing real-time tips and insightful suggestions whenever you need them.

Say goodbye to confusion and hello to streamlined decision-making, let AHA's artificially intelligent assistant be your guide in achieving unparalleled success.

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AHA CRM - Super Simple CRM
AHA CRM - Super Simple CRM

Super Simple!

  • No long forms
  • Unlimited users
  • Built around proven follow-up psychology
  • Every lead is either cold, warm or hot
  • Artificially Intelligent tips and suggestions
  • Unlimited Teams
  • Lead tagging
  • Simple and practical dashboard
  • No installation required
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Double Your Sales!

Transform your sales game with the game-changing AHA CRM! The statistics don't lie - following up with leads is the secret to skyrocketing your sales, and AHA CRM is built around this proven psychology.

Don't let the majority of your sales slip through your fingers - a remarkable 80% are made through follow-up efforts! Unleash your full sales potential with AHA CRM today!

AHA CRM - Super Simple CRM
CRM redifined

CRM.. Redefined!

To make it easier for you, we have removed complications from the CRM.

Now every lead just has a temperature. Cold, warm or hot. As a lead progresses, change its temperature and see where it stands.

This makes things super simple to visualize and super easy to use.

With our Artificially Intelligent tool, get tips and suggestions when you need them.

Never worry about number of users, AHA comes with unlimited users and unlimited teams.



US$ 0 /month

- unlimited users

- 25 leads

- simple to use

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US$ 5 /month

- unlimited users

- 1,000 leads

- simple to use

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US$ 10 /month

- unlimited users

- 5,000 leads

- API for software integration

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